Hiking across Isle Royale part 2

September 2-   The next morning we started the day with some strong  hot coffee,  hikers breakfast bars, and Carnation Instant breakfast.  Our campsite was on the edge of Lake Superior. What a gorgeous view.  Zach and Michelle both  filtered water to drink later on the trail.  While they're filtering water I'm doing my BIG sand … Continue reading Hiking across Isle Royale part 2

Hiking with Parkinson’s on Isle Royale 2021

Hiking with Parkinson's on Isle Royale 2021 Introduction In 2020 I planned on celebrating my Seventieth birthday by hiking across Isle Royale National Park. Unfortunately  the Covid pandemic shut Isle Royale down. Plans were changed to the first week in September 2021 with my son Zachary and Daughter Michelle going with me.  In April I … Continue reading Hiking with Parkinson’s on Isle Royale 2021


The following article is an open letter to American Christians. It has nothing to do with Dementia or Caregivers. Rather, it's about the current obsession, many Christians have, with conspiracy theories. In this letter I am calling us to leave accusations and slander behind. This is a call to prayer. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pentecost Sunday falls on … Continue reading To AMERICAN CHRISTIANS