Chapter 13 – The way to start a day

I came down the stairs, ready for the day, and could smell eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, and some kind of spicy Mexican breakfast dish, coming from the kitchen. “Wow, Jose, it smells wonderful,” I said.
“Dig in,” He responded, “Every thing is ready.”
“I Looks a lot better than my usual bowl of Grape Nuts,” I said.
“I hope it tastes a lot better than that as well.” He responded. “That stuff reminds me of dried up, estiercol de caballo.”
“Yeah like you’ve actually eaten horse manure.”
“I said it reminds me of it. I wouldn’t eat either one.”
Just then Maria walked in.
“Look at the breakfast feast Jose made for us.” I said.
She walked over, gave Jose a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Jose is a smart man. He knows that a good meal can turn a bad day into a good one. He should have been a chef.”
Jose blushed and said, “Eat, eat!! I didn’t cook it so you could talk about it, but so you could enjoy eating it.”
I grabbed a plate and filled it with a variety of food, and sat down at the breakfast bar.
“What are we going to do with Sam?” I asked. “I could see someone who was a teenager pulling a stunt like that, but Sam is going to be twenty five.”
“I read somewhere that today it takes thirty years to raise a good eighteen year old.” Maria said.
“I wouldn’t make too much of it, “ Jose said, “Dick blows up our chuck wagon and Sam smashes up Dick’s truck. Both things were done by men who were acting like little boys.”
“I doubt that Dick will see it that way.” I said.
“I’ll call our insurance agent and whoever carries Dick’s and Sam’s insurance and see what they make of it.” Maria said, “In fact, Sam’s insurance might cover the whole thing.”
“ I think Sam was sure he was going to be fired over this.” Jose said.
“The thought crossed my mind.’ I said, “But he’s a hard worker, very dependable, and would be difficult to replace.”
“Very true,’ Maria said, “and, since I am in charge of hiring and firing ….”
“You would fight me firing him every inch of the way.” I interrupted.
“Our crew seems more like family than coworkers. I love Sam like a little brother.” Maria said.
“I know what you’re saying and really appreciate that kind of unity.” I said. “However, we must not allow our emotions to cause us to let Sam skate on this.”
“I said family.” Maria said. “In my family you don’t want to get on the bad side of Mama. I think Sam knows he isn’t going to get away with anything. Which is why he offered to pay to make it right.”
I pushed my stool away from the bar and said, “Jose, Maria is right, you should have been a chef. Wow. What a great breakfast. Maybe we should start a bunk and breakfast. Kinda like a Dude ranch, but not as organized.”
“You’re joking. Right?” Maria asked. “Because sometimes it already feels like we’re going in a hundred different directions.”
“Joking, teasing, thinking out loud. I’m alway impressed when Jose cooks and hate to see that level of ability go to waste.” I said. “You know, it’s so early, why don’t we have our planning session now, you can bring Sam, and the rest of the crew up to speed later.”
“Sounds good, give me ten minutes and I’ll meet you in the conference room.” Maria said.
“Okay with you Jose?”
“Yeah, let’s get it done.” Jose said.
“Alright! We can go over the plans for the rest of the month. And, since it’s so early, we can have a brainstorming session. Although with the lack of sleep I’m not sure how much of a storm I can stir up.

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