Chapter 12 – Crumpled & Dented

Have you ever had a dream where something from the outside is entering into your dream world? In my dream, I was feeling confused because there were flashing lights and the warning signal of a truck backing up. The sound of Beep, beep, beep, beep, startled me awake. A truck was in the parking lot with orange and red flashing lights, which were reflecting on the ceiling above my bed.
I grabbed my cell phone and looked, it said 5:30 am. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. In the parking lot was a flatbed tow truck and on the back was Dick’s pickup looking much worse for wear. My first thought was about Sam, last I knew he was driving it. Then I saw him slide out of the passenger side of the tow truck and felt a mixture of relief and anger surge through me.
I slipped into my bluejeans, T shirt, and boots and headed downstairs. When I went out the front door I saw Maria and Jose standing by and speaking with Sam.
I went to where they were standing and said, “Sam, are you okay? What in the world happened?”
Sam looked like he was about to burst into tears said, “I’m banged and bruszed up but nothing is broken.” He looked confused about what to say next and then in a shaky voice said, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to smash Dick’s truck,” and he burst into tears.
I put my hand on Sam’s shoulder and quietly said, “Sam. Pull yourself together. Accidents happen. I just want to know what happened after you left the Senior Center.”
Maria came over and hugged Sam. “It’s really late, Why don’t we go back to bed and talk about this tomorrow?”
“That’s fine.” I said, “But just tell me about the accident and then we can go back to bed.”
Sam glanced at Maria and then said, “Well, long story short, after I left the Senior center, I picked up Tina and decided to do a quick drive through the off road rally course just to see what it would be like in a truck with some real power. When I got there it was already dark and I guess I didn’t know the course as well as I thought. There was this hill and an immediate left turn on the other side. I kinda missed the turn and lost control and, well, you can see the result.”
“What the Hell were you thinking?” I said. YOU were supposed to bring the truck right back here for safe keeping. No ONE gave you permission to drive the truck fifty miles south to go on the off road track! What part of bring the truck back to THIS PARKING LOT FOR SAFE KEEPING DIDN’T YOU UNDERSTAND??”
“Please don’t fire me.” Sam said, “I’ll pay for the repairs.”
“Damn straight you will!!’ I said . “Not only that but you’re going to go tell Dick exactly what happened.”
“I will do whatever it takes to make this right.” Sam said.
Maria jumped in.”Now let Sam go home and get some rest. We can figure out how to take care of this mess and everything else at the planning session tomorrow.”
Sam gave Maria a hug, and said, “I’m really sorry.”
“We know you are. Go home and get some sleep,” Maria said, “Things will look better in the morning.”
Sam looked at each of us and turned and walked over to his Ranger and got in.
“Are you going to be able to get back to sleep?” Maria asked.
“Right now some coffee and a couple of eggs sound better than more sleep.” I said. “It’s almost time to get up anyway.”
“Why don’t I get the coffee going and get some breakfast around, while you do whatever it is you need to get ready for the day?” Jose asked.
“That sounds great.” I said. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen in about twenty minutes.”

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