Blame it on the Parkinson’s

Blame it on the Parkinson’s!!

I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, the other day. Michael J. Fox is featured in it and Larry David is being his usual obnoxious self. Michael asks him, “Would you like something to drink?”  He says, “Sure, I’ll have a ginger ale.” Michael goes to the refrigerator grabs a can and vigorously shakes it. Walks over and hands it to him. Larry pops it open, and the ginger ale squirts all over his shirt and face. “YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!” he screams at Michael. “It’s the Parkinson’s,” Michael said, “You know I Have Parkinson’s.”

I loved that skit so much that I told my wife, “I‘ve decided to use Parkinsons for my excuse for everything I do wrong.” Did I oversleep and miss my appointment? Was I weaving down the road like a drunk? Do you feel like I am not happy because of my blank face? Did I forget to pay a bill? No matter what thoughtless, stupid, or any other mistake I make, today or in the future, my excuse is, “It’s the Parkinson’s”

I’ve been thinking about getting a business card with something along the line of, Patience Please Parkinsons Patient Progressing through Life on the front. (You can tell it’s a work in progress.) Or one to hand to the police, Honest Officer, I’m not drunk, It’s the Parkinson’s.

 Today someone sent me a link to a hilarious song, by Mitch Faile, entitled, Blame it on the Parkinsons. In the song Mitch sings about everything from cutting himself shaving, to driving his truck through the door of the Diner. After every litany of bad things, he goes into the chorus:

“Don’t blame it on the whiskey, don’t blame it on the rum, don’t blame the gin and tonic, or the Johnny Walker, or the jager Bomb, don’t blame the Cigarettes, cause I aint had none, if you’ve wanna blame somebody, blame it on the Parkinson’s

After every bad experience, he opens his outer shirt to reveal, in Superman fashion, Blame it on the Parkinson’s.

 I’m going to try to post a link below. If that doesn’t work, you can find the song on You Tube or at PDSONG.ORG. I googled, Blame it on the Parkinson’s and got a link to the T shirt that Mitch keeps flashing.

Keep laughing with us and praying for us. We will pray for you.

Here is the Link to the official Music Video, by Mitch Faile, Blame it on the Parkinson’s.

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