Hiking with Parkinson’s -conclusion

Wednesday, September 8

We were up early because the Boat was scheduled to depart at eight a.m. sharp. Once we got to the dock, we were informed that the departure would be delayed two hours due to high wind and waves. The storm that had passed by during the night was still stirring the pot and the waves were about six feet high.  That was fine by me for two reasons:  1. The delay would lessen the chance of sea sickness, something I was eager to avoid. 2. Because of the delay we had time for a nice leisurely breakfast at the Reed Stone Grill.  Larry Fabulous made a wonderful breakfast burrito and a good breakfast really did start a day off well.

We boarded the Ranger III around ten O’clock, for the six-hour trip. We sat in the bow and the ride was uneventful. Everyone was either napping or reading; We did a little of both, plus some quiet conversation.   

 We were all very happy to see the beacon light that marked the entrance to the river that would take us to Houghton. Passing under the lift bridge was also a sign that we were almost to our port of call. Harriet, and our sister-in-law Cindy, were waiting for us. We were soon off the boat and after hugs and kisses were celebrating at a local restaurant.

You might wonder why I would celebrate something that really defeated every plan I had made about hiking the length of the Island.  While it’s true that my plans did not occur, as I had hoped, I still saw much beauty, experienced things I had never done before, and spent eight days with two of my children whom I came to love and respect more than ever.

I also came to see that I really must reevaluate how I am doing in my fight against Parkinson’s. This disease has been sneaking around and quietly taking my life away. I was shocked at how weak I was.

Right now, I declare that I am going to war against Parkinson’s. While I know that eventually I, like everybody else, will die. However, if I really fight this disease, it’s possible that I will die of something else. When and how I die is up to Jesus. I pray that he will give me victory over Parkinson’s Disease.

Please continue to pray for  us and be sure that  we are praying for you.

Getting to Isle Royale

Ranger III – Houghton, MI to Rock Harbor – 6 hours one way.   73mi/118 km

Isle Royale Queen IV – Copper Harbor, MI to Rock Harbor – 3 Hours one way.            56 mi/90 km

Sea Plane – Houghton, MI to Rock Harbor or Windigo – 35 Minutes

Voyageur II – Grand Portage, MN to Windigo, 2 hours one way.                     22 mi/35 km

Sea Hunter – Grand Portage, MN to Windigo, 1.5 hours one way.                     22 mi/35 km

Getting around the Island

Voyageur II, Windigo to Rock Harbor, 5 hours, (Will stop at, McCargo Cove and Belle Isle)

Voyageur II, Rock Harbor to Windigo 4.5 hours, (Will stop at, Daisy Farm, Chippewa Harbor/Lake Mason, Malone Bay and Grace Island)

Water Taxis? – People spoke about them and how they will also bring packages forward for you.

Hiking – 165 miles of trails

Minong Ridge- runs from Windigo to McCargo Bay – Most difficult trail on Island

Greenstone Ridge – Runs from Windigo to Lookout Louise. This trail runs down the center of the Island.

 Feldmann Ridge – Runs in a loop from Windigo to Greenstone Ridge

Scoville Trail – runs from Rock Harbor to Scoville point and back.

Tobin Harbor trail – runs from Rock Harbor to 3 Mile campground

Rock Harbor trail – runs from Rock Harbor to Daisy Farm

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