I Am Not Alone-HELLO??

Is it true that, I Am Not Alone?? It feels pretty lonely around here. Two weeks, and not one person submitted a testimony. Since, I’m feeling alone and blue, I might as well get out my guitar and sing a few old songs.

Let’s see… Hmmm, Okay, let’s give this one a shot….

“How many blogs must a caregiver read, ‘fore they say, “I’m not alone?” Yes ‘n’, How many tears must one person shed ‘fore they’ll reach for the phone? Yes, ‘n’, how many stories will be a help to you, before you’ll write down your own? The answer my friend, will be found within, the answer will be found within.”

NO, that one doesn’t work…How about….

“If I had a computer, I’d blog in the morning, I’d blog in the evening, all over this land. I’d blog about Dementia, I’d blog about, caregiving, I’d blog about the love between my fellow caregivers, all over this land, ….”

That’s not right either….Let’s see….

“Where have all the caregivers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the caregivers gone? Long, long, time ago. Where have all the caregivers gone? Into isolation everyone. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Here’s the part where you hum the tune while I make an appeal.

Dear fellow caregiver, Please don’t isolate yourself from other caregivers. We are all in the same boat, so you’re really not alone. I understand that your caregiving is not totally like mine. In spite of that, we need each other. I need the wisdom you’ve learned in the school of hard knocks. Therefore, please share your story by filling out the, “I Am Not Alone” Interview and Release Form.” Your fellow caregivers will be grateful.

Okay, you can stop humming now. Harriet, it’s time to stop. No, I don’t want you to whistle the tune. Okay, Harriet, it’s time to stop humming and go get a Hot Fudge Sundae.

6 thoughts on “I Am Not Alone-HELLO??

  1. Hot fudge sundae? Okay, you got me. I’ll do anything you ask. (I have read your form, but since I am no longer a caregiver-but observer of caregivers now-I don’t feel qualified. Is this for former caregivers and lovers of caregivers, also?
    I enjoy that you still have that sense of humor. Keep strumming. We hear your music.


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