Harriet’s thoughts

Where do I begin? I read Dave’s most recent blog and my thoughts are bouncing off what he wrote. My thoughts are just a jumble!! Who am I? Who is he? Who are we together? Who are the people around us and what are their roles in our lives?

We are partners in this together. It isn’t easy for either one of us! Randomly…. Caregiver, Caretaker, what is our division of labor? There is a lot I can do, but certain tasks that I can no longer do.

Who am I? Who is he? Who is ultimately the responsible one? If I do something and it doesn’t work out, what then? I’m not going to sit around do nothing!! While I still can do things, I want to…he can’t and shouldn’t have to do everything.

I went on line to get information about dental and vision insurance, he got upset and asked me not to do that anymore. Okay, so I won’t do that. He’s right.

I appreciate all that he does for me. For as long as I am able, I will make it easy for him to do the things he likes to do. There is a lot on his shoulders. He is very gracious, loving, kind, careful and thoughtful.  

Our trips together have been wonderful. We are celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary this year. We took a two- month RV trip last Fall on the west coast. It was wonderful.

It is becoming clear that we need to declutter our house, and work on organizing everything. We’ve read a lot of books about dementia and they encourage doing that.

I don’t shop alone much anymore. I can get confused. I’ve made this decision on my own. I go with a smaller list. It is important that I have a good card with a password to pay with.

 I haven’t done it yet, but I plan to get a card that tells about my health issues. I can’t always explain myself very well.

The people around us are family, friends, visitors, members of our church, and all of the other people we just would usually come into contact with in life. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t think I’m as outgoing as I used to be. If I know the people or what to expect, I will do better.

Don’t take my thoughts from me! Please allow me time to express myself. Sometimes it takes me longer than others to get my sentences started. A lot more slowly than in the past. Plus, I’ve started to stutter. Weird, huh?

I don’t sleep well at night or on schedule. Last night I was dancing my way around the living room. Happily waltzing by myself; seeing myself in a beautiful Ball gown. Funny. We are planning on taking ballroom dancing classes in Toledo, Ohio. I hope we can pull that one off.

I read, play solitaire, watch television and movies.

Bless you all as you are cared for, are caring for, or have someone caring for you…

May you have, Love, Peace, and Joy.


6 thoughts on “Harriet’s thoughts

  1. Your response to what FTD has taken away from you is amazing. Your down to earth reaction to the changes in your life is a reminder of what one can still accomplish, no matter what is thrown at us. May God continue to bless you on your journey.


  2. It’s so funny to me when you write about taking longer to get a thought together and people finishing your sentences. Your brother would drive me crazy when he’d call me. I never knew when he had more to say and I’d wait for him to get on with it. He was that way all his life and more so after his transplant. I will try to not put words in your mouth, but 50 years makes it a pretty hard habit to break. Just interrupt me and make me wait for you to finish. I’m with Dave on the online stuff. Terry had more than one password wrong and after so many tries I would have to make calls and reset a password. I know he had the best of intentions, but password protected sites don’t care. The only good part was, if they wanted to know if they were speaking to Terry Dvorsky, I just told them yes I was that person and they let me do anything I wanted to do. I learned to be Philomene a long time ago. Of course, Terry could never be Cynthia 😂. Take as much control as you feel comfortable with, knowing that you can feel differently at any given time. Tell me to wait, I won’t be offended. I’ve known you almost longer than anyone-55 years? OMG! We aren’t that old. Well, maybe you are. In those years we’ve pushed through some tough times and I will be there to help you with this tough time.


  3. My big take-away, dear Harriet: “Don’t take my thoughts from me! Please allow me time to express myself. Sometimes it takes me longer than others to get my sentences started. A lot more slowly than in the past.”

    Such good advice to receive from someone who is living with this disease process going on. I value your thoughts and will try to keep them in mind as I communicate with my mom. I know that I sometimes finish her sentences, try to rush her, fill in gaps in her communication rather than wait for her to finish her thought (or ask for help). I’m sure she finds that frustrating.

    God bless you and your hubby as you travel this leg of life together. I hope your 50th anniversary year is filled with many special and good times together.

    Thank you for sharing. It was so very helpful.


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